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A Special Message

I’m more than just the co-owner of Capital Affairs, the event planning firm of the Capital Region Allergen & Gluten Free Expo. I am also the mother of a 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son who, like me, suffer from a myriad of auto immune disorders which impact our daily lives. Through their drug and environmental allergies, I have experienced my children react to antibiotics, battle eczema and other skin-related symptoms, breathe with assistance from a bronchodilator, and fail hearing tests due to problematic Eustachian tubes. I have lived their discomfort, remedied their ailments, and sought a better way of life for them. But none of it could have prepared me for my daughter’s diagnosis of Celiac Disease, less than a year after my own personal diagnosis of this very difficult disease. It has been quite a journey.

There is so much that a family faces when learning that one of its members has been diagnosed with an allergy or immune disorder. Emotions range from fear to one of empowerment. You finally have your answer, but what comes next? From finding the right team of practitioners, to determining pharmaceutical or natural treatments, to formulating the most beneficial diet … there is much to consider.

At the Capital Region Allergen & Gluten Free Expo, we hope to offer guests a comprehensive educational experience. We will feature a diverse slate of sponsors and vendors with a passion to share their expertise with the newly diagnosed, as well as anyone looking to expand their knowledge. But nothing we offer will be more valuable than the direct face-to-face conversations between consumer and vendor. Each of our guests have a hunger and sincere desire to learn about products, treatments and activities that will enhance their potential for wellness. I should know …I am one of them!


Christine Sisto Mertes
Capital Affairs, LLC


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